Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Awake, Journalists in Trivandrum !
Clarifications needed from Nano brothers....
(In the wake of the forthcoming 'Press Conference' by the doctor duo, we expect clarification to the following points...)

1) In the articles published in ‘Kerala Kaumudi’, ‘Manorama’, ‘The Hindu’ and various other media sources, this doctor brothers claimed of having secured more than 100 patents in various countries.

If they know that they have only submitted few (~10) patents in India (that also needede to be verified!), why they have made such claims? I think they also know that ‘patents’ are only valid if they are approved. Anybody can apply for a patent with trivial ideas !!! Were they trying to fool the media and the public, taking the advantage of the lack of more information on ‘nanotechnology’?

2) In reports published in various media sources, these doctor brothers claimed of having invented a ‘nano chip’ called ‘nanogene seq’, which can sequence the entire human genome in less than 2 hours with 99% accuracy for a cost of less than 3000 rupees. Even they told some websites that the product is just few months away from commercialization after fine tuning. Recently in ‘Mathrubhumi’ report they confessed that all their ‘nanotechnology’ based inventions are in the logical (fraud!) level only (none of them are real developed products). Then why they claim like this before? Is it to confuse media and public about their inventions? Then from where they got these statistics like 99% accuracy, cost of Rs. 3000 and less than 2 hours processing time? All from their imagination or dreams?

3) They are claiming that they have been doing research in nanotechnology from their college days. If that is true,

(i) What are their practical experiences in this field other than reading and formulating trivial and broken ideas with the help of a computer and internet? Did they do any ‘nanotechnology based research project’ or got any sort of ‘training in this field’ from any institution in India or Abroad during this period?

(ii) Do they have some reference (any scientific personality) who can certify (and support) their experience or proficiency in the ‘nanotechnology’ field other than the so called ‘Encouragement Letters’ from US President or Microsoft Chairman?

(iii) If they have formulated these inventions with the help of scientific institutions at Trivandrum (as they had claimed earlier), which are the institutions helped them with their projects? Any scientific support/reference from these institutions?

(iii) Do they have any ‘scientific publication’ or ‘approved patent’ to prove their claims?

(iv) What evidence do they have in support of their inventions such as ‘nanogene seq’ chip? Did they present it in front of some scientific body and got some feed back? Did they try to demonstrate the feasibility of their idea by any chance? What about their willingness to present these concepts/ideas (of their claimed inventions) before a ‘scientific panel’ constituting experts from various institutions at Trivandrum?

4) What about the ‘novelty’ of their ideas? Most of them are trivial and are badly copied from internet (thanks to Google!). Do they still believe will somebody issue patents for such trivial ideas?

(i) For example their most important ‘idea invention’ (‘nanogene seq’ chip) is just an Indian version of a flawed idea of a Harvard medical school dropout named Eugene Chan who dreamed of making a nanochannel based ‘gene machine’, which can sequence the entire DNA 1000-2000 times faster than the conventional techniques. After forming a company (US Genomics) and wasting 60-70 million dollars (~300 crore rupees), he has to step down without achieving that goal !!!

(ii) Most of the ideas they coined in the proposal (like developing nanomedicine, nanorobots etc) are also known to the scientific world for years. What is their novel contribution to this?

(iii) Another claim is that ‘they have developed’ a ‘genetic horoscope’ idea based on their ‘nano chip’. Do they think that, it is a new idea that if you know the entire human genome of an individual and the genes corresponding to each genetic behavior (which is still a dream for scientists) we can predict the ‘genetic related’ future of an individual? It will be a surprise to the scientific community if these doctors claim of first time introducing the idea of ‘personalized medicine’ and ‘gene therapy’ from their inventions. Are they that foolish to claim such widely debated and researched areas/ideas to their credit? Ever since the discovery of the structure of DNA it is known that DNA is responsible for the hereditary behaviour, and it’s a middle school science topic. What is the novelty in their ‘genetic horoscope’? Old wine in a new bottle with an attractive label !!! What about the needed 'genomics' and 'proteomics' research bsupport for this? Do they develop that also?

(iv) Do they still believe that their ‘nano chip’ (once it is made real !!!) can identify the possibility of viral disease like AIDS? Or else what do their invention has to do with AIDS according to their claims? Are they naive to think that they can trace out all diseases with a known ‘genetic code’? Do they know the difference between genetic diseases and others (of course they should as they are medical doctors !!!). Then why is such confusing jargons?

5) The only demand of their critics (in terms of scientific claims and proposals, not their personal life !!!), is a ‘scientific level’ investigation on their claims and ‘scientific credibility’ for the present proposal. How they react to this demand? Are they confident to prove their content before a scientific committee since they have "patents" for all those?
6) What are their political connections help them to get their bogus proposal to squeeze into the one-year action plan of UDF Government?

The press may give emphasis to this point to have a ‘scientific level investigation’ on their claims and a re-evaluation of the entire proposal. Thus we can purify this noble science venture from possible errors/draw backs !!!


Blogger roy said...

Hi i was going through your article , it is written to the point , i think i actually know from where he has plagarised even the sentences, best of luck in your expose. i think we need to give more coverage to this.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is a shame that they have brought about disgrace to the state and medical profession.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, - circulate this to other media, thanks

I just saw the whole story about the fraud duo from
Trivandrum about an hour ago 9:30 AM April 10, 2005
sitting in my office in Fairfax, VA, USA. The last
time I bothered to waste my time about those two "good
for nothing" idiots was on November 29, 2004. I came
to know about their claims during August 2004. Over
September, October and November, I met them personally
in three trips to Trivandrum hoping that they really
had something in them and assured to help them as a US
based NRI. Together we spent close to 7 full days for
nearly 12 hours a day discussing the claims and trying
to actually come out with an instrument design to
sequence human whole genome.

Ajith and Arun kept telling me about helical laser,
this and that - all 100% CRAP stuff. They don't know
the difference between head and ass. It was during the
last meeting that I realized that they HAVE NO
KNOWLEDGE OF ANY KIND. I mean it - their knowledge
levels are close to zero or of no value. My mail box
has about 61 messages from them over August-November
2004. It was all shocking to me but I got over that
quickly and never looked back until today, just to
find out what they were up to next. That's when I saw
Joshy's work on internet.

After November 28, 2004, I expected them to lie low
and stop fooilng people. Their behinds were on fire at
that time because of personal loans they had taken at
high interest rates. So they couldn't rest. They had
to find the next suckers. That is what is really
shocking - How did some people, scientists, and media
in Kerala fall for this, including the government?
Well, it's simple explanation. People look to see a
hero arise from among themselves, scientists expected
a share in the kerala nano action!, media wants juicy stories, government and
beaurocrats wanted gullible Kerala NRIs to pump in
money towards them.

I got to visit - God's own country - and enjoyed my
visits to Kerala otherwise. You are welcome to contact
me about this topic.

best regards, BM Krishna --- BE (Hons), BITS, Pilani -

5:57 PM  

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