Friday, March 11, 2005

Dr. Duo and Nanotech Centre


You may be aware of the proposed "NANOTECHCENTRE' at Trivandrum (a programme announced by UDF ministry under the 'Pravasi Keraliya karya vakuppu (NORKA)'), which will be materialized in the coming months. I am forwarding an article which appeared in 'Kerala Kaumudi' authored by two young doctors (who is behind the 'nanotechcenter' proposal). Unfortunately the article contains several mistakes (am also forwarding a letter which I sent to KeralaKaumudi editor pointing out these mistakes, but so far they haven't published any 'note' regarding this article).

As far as I could understand, these two medical doctors have no idea about the ongoing research in the field of Nanobiotechnology. Their knowledge about physics and chemistry (of course in a research level) is limited to the info getting through google search. I am really confused about their claims in the above mentioned article and about the future of the proposed 'nanotechcentre'. I feel that, if the govt proceed with this venture without proper discussions with the scientific community of kerala/india (who has practical knowledge and research experience in this field), this center will become a money wasting disaster.

Also I tried to contact these two Drs through e-mails, asking clarifications on their claims in this article. They couldn't defend any of the mistakes/misconcepts which I pointed out in my letter. In this article they claimed that they have several patents in this field and several other patents are under filing phase. I asked them to provide details on their publications/patents and they were so reluctant to answer these mails. After asking 3-4 times, they responded saying that: "We are not interested in publishing things. We are only patenting those things". In subsequent e-mail conversations they said that they have filed 5-6 patents in india (none of them are approved till today) and planning to submit those patents in US and European countries. I remember seeing in one of the websites that these drs claimed that their inventions are patented in 90 countries and so on...



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