Sunday, March 13, 2005

Falling 'claims' !!!
(What are the claims of the 'nano' doctor duo and what happened to these claims? A media tour !!!)
1. Claim on patents
These doctor brothers claimed of
* having patents from more than 90 countries...
(claimed in the article
* having more than 100 patents in this field...
(claimed in their manorama article
* of securing several patents for most of their inventions...
(claimed in articles appeared in 'Kerala Kaumudi', 'The Hindu' and various websites).
What happened to these claims...
The doctor brothers todday said to 'Mathrubhumi' that they have applied (only applied) for a dozen patents in India. In fact they gave a list to Joshy in an e-mail correspondence of 8 'applied' patents !!!
Note that, so far none of their patents are approved by any agency !!! And what are these patents... See below...
2. Claim on their inventions
* The media was celebrating their important inventions in the field of 'nanotechnology' !!! These include a 'nano chip' which sequence the entire human genome in less than 2 hours with 99% accuracy on an estimated cost of less than 3000 Rupees. According to some recent reports this chip is ready for marketting in 2-3 months time...
(See the site...
* Another invention in this fantasy series is a 'nano helical laser' which have potential use in a brain scanner (again designed by them) and is suppose to replace the existing MRI scans at a 3-4% cost.
* Other patents in the nanotechnology area is still to be defined !!!
What about these claims...
The doctor duo confessed to 'Mathrubhumi' today, that all their patents are ideas !!! And none of them are products !!!
This one was our main argument against these two doctors !!! Getting cheap publicity with internet copied trivial ideas !!! So, now they have to swallow their on word regarding this claim !!!
If they have no demonstrated products in their bag, what do they have then? Some stupid ideas which any science student can recognize as baseless???
And from where this idea of 'nano chip' comes?
Remember the 'Eugene Chan' dream which wasted 300 crore rupees for a similar idea and ended up in something else !!! (A detailed article on this is given in a diffrent post in this site).


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