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Govt defends Nano-brothers? Or washing hands?

New Indian Express Reports:

No decision yet on sponsoring Nanotech Centre: NORKA

Tuesday March 15 2005 00:00 IST

KOCHI: NORKA secretary Jiji Thomson on Monday said the government had not taken a final decision on sponsoring the Nanotech Centre in Thiruvananthapuram mooted by doctor duo Arunkumar and Ajithkumar.Responding to news reports, Jiji said the government would extend support only if the promoters prove their nano theories scientifically. NORKA is planning to play only the role of a facilitator, he said.However, the government is still mum on the offer to provide land for the centre and why a decision to parade the doctor brothers with doubtable credentials before the capital's media early this month was taken. In fact, NORKA chairman M.M.Hassan and Jiji Thomson themselves were present at the media briefing where the concept was first introduced.``It's the policy of the state government to encourage young brains. We extended support to doctor brothers only to help them prove themselves. But no final decision has been taken,'' Jiji clarified.

Interestingly, the Cusat's scientific community, who first expressed doubts about the nano fraud, had to face some grilling following media reports on the doctor duo. ``The Vice-Chancellor called us up and said he had received calls from Thiruvananthapuram. He wanted to know why we were taking such a stand,'' said V.P.Nampoothiri, one of the first brains to come on record against the science hoax.The VC, however, denied this. ``I have no comments to make,'' he told this website's newspaper.

In another interesting development, it has come to light that the nano-concepts tom-tomed by doctor brothers could've been pieced together from a presentation made by the holography experts at CDit.``CDit's scientists had made a presentation on DNA holography and electron holography before a team of the Ministry of Information Technology. Very interestingly, the press conference of doctor brothers took place within a few days. This may be a coincidence. But we would appreciate if someone looks into the whole thing,'' sources said.

Also see reports in The Hindu, Manorama and Deepika:


‘Nanotech Centre: Changing Scenario’

The NORKA officials yesterday released a 'Press Note' saying that the government had not taken a final decision on sponsoring the Nanotech Centre at Thiruvananthapuram mooted by doctor duo Arunkumar and Ajithkumar. The note published in various news papers sounds to defend the ongoing media demands for a 'scientific level re-evaluation' of the entire proposal. Furthermore, it raises more questions than answers.
Where was NORKA when nano brothers boasted about this project?
In all the reported interviews with media nano brothers said that it is a Govt sponsored project, they have been appointed as promotors and would get land and grants from the Government. If those claims were not true why the NORKA did not relase a press note clarifying their role? Instead, now after falling mud on their face they are trying to confuse the public again with very vague statements and encouraging the emergence of similar hoax. When Ramar Petrol was found to be bogus Tamil Nadu Govt was playing the same game.

Why Government defends the ‘nano’ doctor brothers?

It is really a shame for any Government to confess that they have started paper-works for such an important investment programme without even checking the scientific credibility of this doctor brothers (estimated cost for this NRK funded programme on government platform is 300 crores in various stages). Eventhough the media has exposed the scientific hollowness of their proposal, NORKA still thinks (or relectent to accept the fact ?) that these doctor brothers need to be supported for this trivial project.

What are the credits of these doctor brothers?

They don’t have any ‘scientific publications’ or approved patents…

Then what do they have?

* Applied for few patents in India, that too for patenting some ideas (which originally conceived from internet) !!! Note that till the media came with ‘scientific evidence’ against their claims, they were claiming of having 100’s of patents on their important inventions such as ‘nanogene seq’. They even claimed in some interviews about commercializing these products in 2-3 months time after fine tuning. Now they confess that all these are mere ideas !!!

* Encouraging letters from lot of people like U. S. President George Bush, Microsoft chairman Bill Gate etc…In fact these brothers used to send their trivial ideas to various important personalities to get a response. Whatever response they get, are used for making such false claims of having encouragement from this big people !!!

NORKA press note also say about such an encouragement letter that these doctor brothers received from Professor C. N. R. Rao , President, JNCASR Bangalore, interestingly the press note fail to write even his correct name. Note say as C.R. R. Rao!) in 1995. In 1995, these brothers are 20/21 years of old and at this time ‘nanoworld’ itself was in it’s infancy in terms of ‘nanotechnology’. How can NORKA officials justify or support a proposal submitted 10 years after, without any scientific support, based on this argument? This is a naive argument which sounds like it came from the mouth of nano brothers (see our letter corresopondence below where they are unnecessarily draging George Bush, Bill Gates and Dr. Abdul Kalam!)

From their biodata posted 3-4 years back in, it is obvious that they don’t have any experience in the ‘nano’ field till 2001. At that time their interest was in starting a firm to combine biotechnology and IT, whereas now their focus has been slightly shifted to ‘nanotechnology’.

What is the simplest solution to this issue?

The Government can appoint a ‘Scientific Committee’ to check their biodata, scientific claims and patent applications and decide on their authenticity to propose such a project. Then the whole proposal has to be re-evaluated with the help of this committee before wasting a single rupee from the state treasury.

Without even listening to the demands for a ‘Scientific’ level evaluation, what is NORKA doing now?

They are just defending this doctor brothers and conducting meetings to honour these extra talented ‘Scientists’ of Kerala !!! Is it necessary to parade this doctor duo in every NORKA press meeting to prove their talents ?!!! Norka has to explain who will be funding those seminars and travels.

It is high time for a re-thinking !!!

If the Government can announce, whether the arguments of this doctor brothers are genuine or not, after a ‘scientific’ level enquiry, that is good enough to close all ongoing controversial discussions !!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, - circulate this to other media, thanks

I just saw the whole story about the fraud duo from
Trivandrum about an hour ago 9:30 AM April 10, 2005
sitting in my office in Fairfax, VA, USA. The last
time I bothered to waste my time about those two "good
for nothing" idiots was on November 29, 2004. I came
to know about their claims during August 2004. Over
September, October and November, I met them personally
in three trips to Trivandrum hoping that they really
had something in them and assured to help them as a US
based NRI. Together we spent close to 7 full days for
nearly 12 hours a day discussing the claims and trying
to actually come out with an instrument design to
sequence human whole genome.

Ajith and Arun kept telling me about helical laser,
this and that - all 100% CRAP stuff. They don't know
the difference between head and ass. It was during the
last meeting that I realized that they HAVE NO
KNOWLEDGE OF ANY KIND. I mean it - their knowledge
levels are close to zero or of no value. My mail box
has about 61 messages from them over August-November
2004. It was all shocking to me but I got over that
quickly and never looked back until today, just to
find out what they were up to next. That's when I saw
Joshy's work on internet.

After November 28, 2004, I expected them to lie low
and stop fooilng people. Their behinds were on fire at
that time because of personal loans they had taken at
high interest rates. So they couldn't rest. They had
to find the next suckers. That is what is really
shocking - How did some people, scientists, and media
in Kerala fall for this, including the government?
Well, it's simple explanation. People look to see a
hero arise from among themselves, scientists expected
a share in the kerala nano action! ,media wants juicy stories, government and
beaurocrats wanted gullible Kerala NRIs to pump in
money towards them.

I got to visit - God's own country - and enjoyed my
visits to Kerala otherwise. You are welcome to contact
me about this topic.

best regards, BM Krishna --- BE (Hons), BITS, Pilani -

5:57 PM  
Blogger suresh said...

Thank you Mr Joshy and BM Krishna
for interacting with doctors
I am running a tool room in thiruvananthapuram with CNC machining Facility I was thinking to offer my help to doctors for manufacturing parts for their development without any profit .after reading your letters i feel they are like Rammer (petrol) and Majeed (HIV VACCINE)
with regards

12:02 AM  

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