Friday, March 11, 2005

Letter to The Hindu

Dear Mr. Nandakumar:
I have just finished reading the report you filed in Today's (Mar 7,2005), Trivandrum page of the Hindu dealing with the proposed centre for nanotechnology in TVM.(
I am sorry to say you that your report is highly misleading and filled with lots of scientific errors. I know it not your fault because you were writing what Drs told . However, as a trained scientist in the area, I am unconvinced by the claims made by the Drs Arun and Ajith about their accomplishments. After reading your report I even doubt their fundamental knowledge in the field. Before discussing the scientific errors and unrealistic "accomplishments" in your report, let me inform you that one my friend Dr. Joshy Joseph from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA exposed the scientific hollowness of the whole project and the credibility of the dr. duo. By repeated online correspondence with Dr. Joshy Jospeh, Dr. Arun and Dr. Ajith failed to defend their claims. Now Dr. Joshi has written to Chief Minister and various malayalam medias about this issue. The whole "Nano-Fraud" file prepared by Dr. Joshy Joseph is attached here with for your attention. I hope that will give you very clear idea of this new money wasting institute going to be established in our stateComing back to your report let me quickly list the scientific errors.

The comments for the quotes from your report is written in Italics.
1) "The unique technique that maps the DNA sequence of an individual enables the medical community to predict a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and coronary artery disease that an individual is likely to be afflicted with."

Even a school kind know the fact that HIV/AIDS is not a genetic diseases instead a viral disease. So it is hilarious to read that one can predict HIV with the so called mapping technique.

2) "The atomic precision of nanotechnology gives it an edge over biotechnology, especially in the medical field"

This is absolutely a wrong statement. This means that doctors even doesn't know there is a field called nano-biotechnology exists!!!

3) "Unlike DNA vaccines that teach the body to recognize proteins responsible for dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS, nana vaccines generate tailor-made cells that identify and destroy the hostile virus without giving it time to mutate."

This sentence reads like a science fiction dialogue

4) The doctor duo has secured patents for the Monogeneses chip and the three-dimensional Helical Nano Laser used in conjunction to scan the protein sequences and establish the horoscope.
As far I know they never obtained patent and they have applied to "Indian" Patent Office

5) A more mundane achievement is the development of an integrated Kehlescope to speed up ENT diagnosis. The kit combines the functions of a tongue depressor, a moving lens and a focused light powered by a battery pack to observe the inside of a patient's throat
This is an instrument commonly used by doctors in Europe and US.

Considering all this, I don't have any doubt that the whole programme is a hoax and suspect conspiracy behind the motives of Dr. duo . So I request you to investigate this issue further and bring up the truth behind this whole media gymnastics. You can consult your science correspondent N. Gopal Raj or Dr R. Ramachandran . We (me and Dr. Joshy ) will be happy to provide any support in this matter.


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