Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We misss you Mukundan....

We are very sorry to inform you that our friend , noted journalist and human rights activist Mr. Mukundan C Menon passed away yesterday in Trivandrum due to massive cardiac arrest. He was 57. He was one of our main contact in the state capital, who helped a lot to popularize our struggles against the the self -proclaimed nanoexperts , who were trying to hijack the Govt. of Kerala to fund their pirated scientific fantasies. When we approached Mr. Menon, irrespective of our differences in some his later political stands, he understood the imminent danger and immediately passed over all the materials to his journalistic friends through out India. Moreover, he posted our comments and rejoinder to Govt's floppy statements on this issues to various internet groups which attracted massive responses in favor of us from experts and non-experts alike. The number of mails we had gotten from various peoples around the world gave us tremendous boost in our fight which eventually forced the state Govt. to step back from the nano mis-adventures. Mr. Menon was very vigilant during those time although he was pressed with other works, and passed to us the latest information on the debates and news reports happening in the Malayalam media. This helped us in updating this blogg in lightening fast and which served as our mouthpiece in Nano issue. So we thank you Mukundan for all you have done and we miss you so much.....

News reports on Mr. Menons death






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