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'Nanogene Seq' : A Direct Copy from the Internet

See the following links to find out the 'scientific sources' from where their 'innovative' invention of silicon 'nanochip' is copied !!!

See the original "Science" article:

"Separation of Long DNA Molecules in a Microfabricated Entropic Trap Array", J. Han and H. G. Craighead, Science, 288, 1026 (2000).

Saturday, March 19, 2005

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Awake, Journalists in Trivandrum !
Clarifications needed from Nano brothers....
(In the wake of the forthcoming 'Press Conference' by the doctor duo, we expect clarification to the following points...)

1) In the articles published in ‘Kerala Kaumudi’, ‘Manorama’, ‘The Hindu’ and various other media sources, this doctor brothers claimed of having secured more than 100 patents in various countries.

If they know that they have only submitted few (~10) patents in India (that also needede to be verified!), why they have made such claims? I think they also know that ‘patents’ are only valid if they are approved. Anybody can apply for a patent with trivial ideas !!! Were they trying to fool the media and the public, taking the advantage of the lack of more information on ‘nanotechnology’?

2) In reports published in various media sources, these doctor brothers claimed of having invented a ‘nano chip’ called ‘nanogene seq’, which can sequence the entire human genome in less than 2 hours with 99% accuracy for a cost of less than 3000 rupees. Even they told some websites that the product is just few months away from commercialization after fine tuning. Recently in ‘Mathrubhumi’ report they confessed that all their ‘nanotechnology’ based inventions are in the logical (fraud!) level only (none of them are real developed products). Then why they claim like this before? Is it to confuse media and public about their inventions? Then from where they got these statistics like 99% accuracy, cost of Rs. 3000 and less than 2 hours processing time? All from their imagination or dreams?

3) They are claiming that they have been doing research in nanotechnology from their college days. If that is true,

(i) What are their practical experiences in this field other than reading and formulating trivial and broken ideas with the help of a computer and internet? Did they do any ‘nanotechnology based research project’ or got any sort of ‘training in this field’ from any institution in India or Abroad during this period?

(ii) Do they have some reference (any scientific personality) who can certify (and support) their experience or proficiency in the ‘nanotechnology’ field other than the so called ‘Encouragement Letters’ from US President or Microsoft Chairman?

(iii) If they have formulated these inventions with the help of scientific institutions at Trivandrum (as they had claimed earlier), which are the institutions helped them with their projects? Any scientific support/reference from these institutions?

(iii) Do they have any ‘scientific publication’ or ‘approved patent’ to prove their claims?

(iv) What evidence do they have in support of their inventions such as ‘nanogene seq’ chip? Did they present it in front of some scientific body and got some feed back? Did they try to demonstrate the feasibility of their idea by any chance? What about their willingness to present these concepts/ideas (of their claimed inventions) before a ‘scientific panel’ constituting experts from various institutions at Trivandrum?

4) What about the ‘novelty’ of their ideas? Most of them are trivial and are badly copied from internet (thanks to Google!). Do they still believe will somebody issue patents for such trivial ideas?

(i) For example their most important ‘idea invention’ (‘nanogene seq’ chip) is just an Indian version of a flawed idea of a Harvard medical school dropout named Eugene Chan who dreamed of making a nanochannel based ‘gene machine’, which can sequence the entire DNA 1000-2000 times faster than the conventional techniques. After forming a company (US Genomics) and wasting 60-70 million dollars (~300 crore rupees), he has to step down without achieving that goal !!!

(ii) Most of the ideas they coined in the proposal (like developing nanomedicine, nanorobots etc) are also known to the scientific world for years. What is their novel contribution to this?

(iii) Another claim is that ‘they have developed’ a ‘genetic horoscope’ idea based on their ‘nano chip’. Do they think that, it is a new idea that if you know the entire human genome of an individual and the genes corresponding to each genetic behavior (which is still a dream for scientists) we can predict the ‘genetic related’ future of an individual? It will be a surprise to the scientific community if these doctors claim of first time introducing the idea of ‘personalized medicine’ and ‘gene therapy’ from their inventions. Are they that foolish to claim such widely debated and researched areas/ideas to their credit? Ever since the discovery of the structure of DNA it is known that DNA is responsible for the hereditary behaviour, and it’s a middle school science topic. What is the novelty in their ‘genetic horoscope’? Old wine in a new bottle with an attractive label !!! What about the needed 'genomics' and 'proteomics' research bsupport for this? Do they develop that also?

(iv) Do they still believe that their ‘nano chip’ (once it is made real !!!) can identify the possibility of viral disease like AIDS? Or else what do their invention has to do with AIDS according to their claims? Are they naive to think that they can trace out all diseases with a known ‘genetic code’? Do they know the difference between genetic diseases and others (of course they should as they are medical doctors !!!). Then why is such confusing jargons?

5) The only demand of their critics (in terms of scientific claims and proposals, not their personal life !!!), is a ‘scientific level’ investigation on their claims and ‘scientific credibility’ for the present proposal. How they react to this demand? Are they confident to prove their content before a scientific committee since they have "patents" for all those?
6) What are their political connections help them to get their bogus proposal to squeeze into the one-year action plan of UDF Government?

The press may give emphasis to this point to have a ‘scientific level investigation’ on their claims and a re-evaluation of the entire proposal. Thus we can purify this noble science venture from possible errors/draw backs !!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Govt defends Nano-brothers? Or washing hands?

New Indian Express Reports:

No decision yet on sponsoring Nanotech Centre: NORKA

Tuesday March 15 2005 00:00 IST

KOCHI: NORKA secretary Jiji Thomson on Monday said the government had not taken a final decision on sponsoring the Nanotech Centre in Thiruvananthapuram mooted by doctor duo Arunkumar and Ajithkumar.Responding to news reports, Jiji said the government would extend support only if the promoters prove their nano theories scientifically. NORKA is planning to play only the role of a facilitator, he said.However, the government is still mum on the offer to provide land for the centre and why a decision to parade the doctor brothers with doubtable credentials before the capital's media early this month was taken. In fact, NORKA chairman M.M.Hassan and Jiji Thomson themselves were present at the media briefing where the concept was first introduced.``It's the policy of the state government to encourage young brains. We extended support to doctor brothers only to help them prove themselves. But no final decision has been taken,'' Jiji clarified.

Interestingly, the Cusat's scientific community, who first expressed doubts about the nano fraud, had to face some grilling following media reports on the doctor duo. ``The Vice-Chancellor called us up and said he had received calls from Thiruvananthapuram. He wanted to know why we were taking such a stand,'' said V.P.Nampoothiri, one of the first brains to come on record against the science hoax.The VC, however, denied this. ``I have no comments to make,'' he told this website's newspaper.

In another interesting development, it has come to light that the nano-concepts tom-tomed by doctor brothers could've been pieced together from a presentation made by the holography experts at CDit.``CDit's scientists had made a presentation on DNA holography and electron holography before a team of the Ministry of Information Technology. Very interestingly, the press conference of doctor brothers took place within a few days. This may be a coincidence. But we would appreciate if someone looks into the whole thing,'' sources said.

Also see reports in The Hindu, Manorama and Deepika:


‘Nanotech Centre: Changing Scenario’

The NORKA officials yesterday released a 'Press Note' saying that the government had not taken a final decision on sponsoring the Nanotech Centre at Thiruvananthapuram mooted by doctor duo Arunkumar and Ajithkumar. The note published in various news papers sounds to defend the ongoing media demands for a 'scientific level re-evaluation' of the entire proposal. Furthermore, it raises more questions than answers.
Where was NORKA when nano brothers boasted about this project?
In all the reported interviews with media nano brothers said that it is a Govt sponsored project, they have been appointed as promotors and would get land and grants from the Government. If those claims were not true why the NORKA did not relase a press note clarifying their role? Instead, now after falling mud on their face they are trying to confuse the public again with very vague statements and encouraging the emergence of similar hoax. When Ramar Petrol was found to be bogus Tamil Nadu Govt was playing the same game.

Why Government defends the ‘nano’ doctor brothers?

It is really a shame for any Government to confess that they have started paper-works for such an important investment programme without even checking the scientific credibility of this doctor brothers (estimated cost for this NRK funded programme on government platform is 300 crores in various stages). Eventhough the media has exposed the scientific hollowness of their proposal, NORKA still thinks (or relectent to accept the fact ?) that these doctor brothers need to be supported for this trivial project.

What are the credits of these doctor brothers?

They don’t have any ‘scientific publications’ or approved patents…

Then what do they have?

* Applied for few patents in India, that too for patenting some ideas (which originally conceived from internet) !!! Note that till the media came with ‘scientific evidence’ against their claims, they were claiming of having 100’s of patents on their important inventions such as ‘nanogene seq’. They even claimed in some interviews about commercializing these products in 2-3 months time after fine tuning. Now they confess that all these are mere ideas !!!

* Encouraging letters from lot of people like U. S. President George Bush, Microsoft chairman Bill Gate etc…In fact these brothers used to send their trivial ideas to various important personalities to get a response. Whatever response they get, are used for making such false claims of having encouragement from this big people !!!

NORKA press note also say about such an encouragement letter that these doctor brothers received from Professor C. N. R. Rao , President, JNCASR Bangalore, interestingly the press note fail to write even his correct name. Note say as C.R. R. Rao!) in 1995. In 1995, these brothers are 20/21 years of old and at this time ‘nanoworld’ itself was in it’s infancy in terms of ‘nanotechnology’. How can NORKA officials justify or support a proposal submitted 10 years after, without any scientific support, based on this argument? This is a naive argument which sounds like it came from the mouth of nano brothers (see our letter corresopondence below where they are unnecessarily draging George Bush, Bill Gates and Dr. Abdul Kalam!)

From their biodata posted 3-4 years back in, it is obvious that they don’t have any experience in the ‘nano’ field till 2001. At that time their interest was in starting a firm to combine biotechnology and IT, whereas now their focus has been slightly shifted to ‘nanotechnology’.

What is the simplest solution to this issue?

The Government can appoint a ‘Scientific Committee’ to check their biodata, scientific claims and patent applications and decide on their authenticity to propose such a project. Then the whole proposal has to be re-evaluated with the help of this committee before wasting a single rupee from the state treasury.

Without even listening to the demands for a ‘Scientific’ level evaluation, what is NORKA doing now?

They are just defending this doctor brothers and conducting meetings to honour these extra talented ‘Scientists’ of Kerala !!! Is it necessary to parade this doctor duo in every NORKA press meeting to prove their talents ?!!! Norka has to explain who will be funding those seminars and travels.

It is high time for a re-thinking !!!

If the Government can announce, whether the arguments of this doctor brothers are genuine or not, after a ‘scientific’ level enquiry, that is good enough to close all ongoing controversial discussions !!!

New Indian Express: Cover story exposing Nanofraud!

Today's New Indian Express carried the following three major items on Nanofraud:

1) (Front Page): Rs. 75-crore nanotech project: Doctor brothers take govt for a ride (Kochi dateline)

2) (Page. 5) "How the govt fell for a hoax" (Kochi dateline by Manoj K. Das)


3) (Page. 5) "We don't want to be known as scientists" (TVM dateline story by Sabloo Thomas)


Our special thanks to Chief Editor Manoj K. Das for doing a wonderful job on this !!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Falling 'claims' !!!
(What are the claims of the 'nano' doctor duo and what happened to these claims? A media tour !!!)
1. Claim on patents
These doctor brothers claimed of
* having patents from more than 90 countries...
(claimed in the article
* having more than 100 patents in this field...
(claimed in their manorama article
* of securing several patents for most of their inventions...
(claimed in articles appeared in 'Kerala Kaumudi', 'The Hindu' and various websites).
What happened to these claims...
The doctor brothers todday said to 'Mathrubhumi' that they have applied (only applied) for a dozen patents in India. In fact they gave a list to Joshy in an e-mail correspondence of 8 'applied' patents !!!
Note that, so far none of their patents are approved by any agency !!! And what are these patents... See below...
2. Claim on their inventions
* The media was celebrating their important inventions in the field of 'nanotechnology' !!! These include a 'nano chip' which sequence the entire human genome in less than 2 hours with 99% accuracy on an estimated cost of less than 3000 Rupees. According to some recent reports this chip is ready for marketting in 2-3 months time...
(See the site...
* Another invention in this fantasy series is a 'nano helical laser' which have potential use in a brain scanner (again designed by them) and is suppose to replace the existing MRI scans at a 3-4% cost.
* Other patents in the nanotechnology area is still to be defined !!!
What about these claims...
The doctor duo confessed to 'Mathrubhumi' today, that all their patents are ideas !!! And none of them are products !!!
This one was our main argument against these two doctors !!! Getting cheap publicity with internet copied trivial ideas !!! So, now they have to swallow their on word regarding this claim !!!
If they have no demonstrated products in their bag, what do they have then? Some stupid ideas which any science student can recognize as baseless???
And from where this idea of 'nano chip' comes?
Remember the 'Eugene Chan' dream which wasted 300 crore rupees for a similar idea and ended up in something else !!! (A detailed article on this is given in a diffrent post in this site).

Mathrubhumi Exposure: Nano brothers accepted their discoveries are nothing but just ideas!!

Todays (14-03-05) Mathrubhumi daily published an elaborate story based on our objections and consultations with scientists at the Cochin University of Science and Technology.

"Deshabhimani" exposure.

Todays Deshabhimani daily published an article written by its chief reporter V. Jain questioning the credibility of the whole project.
Kerala yielding another ‘Scientific Hoax’ !

(a brief summary of the issue on the 'Nanotechnology Center' project and its huge pitfalls )

The 300 crore ‘Nanotechnology Centre’ project announced by the Kerala Government’ under ‘Non-resident Keralite Affairs Department (NORKA)’, based on a trivial proposal submitted by two young medical doctors (Drs. Ajith Kumar and Arunkumar) is now facing serious “Scientific Credibility” issues. The project under controversy is included in the ‘one year Action Plan’ of the UDF ministry, with an aim to attract ‘non-resident keralite (NRK) investments’ to Kerala for establishing a high tech centre for ‘nanotechnology’ in Trivandrum. Given below are some points which will give an idea about the proposal and the controversy.

What is this ‘Nanotech Centre’?

As per the Government version, it is an initiative to develop ‘nanotechnology’ based knowledge as well as products, which will eventually gather a lot of business from the ‘world nano’ industries. Simply speaking, it’s like a ‘multidimensional company’ which aims a world market with its novel products. The Government will be giving background support for the 300 crore project while the NRK investment will be used for the scientific installations. The project aims to get at least 1% of the world nano business in 10 years which will be a great achievement. The proposal claims to get an ‘early bird’ advantage on the world business.
What is the reality?

Many multinational companies in US and Europe are already in this field with ‘nano’-related busines for many years by investing billions of dollors. In India itself, the project is not the first one of its kind and the idea of starting such a project is not ‘early’ at all. Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the Central Ministry started ‘Nanotechnology Initiative’ in 2003 and now is fully functional with 5 national centres and more than 75 working projects. It is really a ‘Himalayan Task’ to get into the ‘nanotech industry’, starting basic research in this field this ‘late’.

How novel is this Proposal?

As I mentioned earlier this project proposal have been put forward by two young doctor brothers (Drs. Ajith Kumar and Arun Kumar) and most of their ideas and claims are copied from internet (Google based research!). The credibility of this doctor duo will be discussed later in this article. I have seen a post in the internet from these doctor brothers, requesting funds for this proposal some time back (2001) which in fact was full of baseless assumptions and claims. It is still available in the net at
An ordinary reading of this proposal is enough to judge the ‘Scientific Validity’ of this internet conceived idea. Somehow, the Kerala Government officials selected this proposal to be included in the 1 Year action plan of the UDF ministry (is it due to the scarcity of real scientific proposals and ideas ?!!!). The decision was really surprising not only to the doctor duo, but also to the scientific community of Kerala and adroad. The research professors at the various Universities of Kerala, who get disappointed by the state government every year on their demands for funds to establish better research facilities at university centres might have really surprised to hear this announcement of the ‘300 crore initiative’.

What is the scientific Background of these doctors?

According to them, they have started research in the ‘nanotechnology’ field at the age of 16 when they started in college. After more than 10 years of research (using a computer and some instruments such as a ‘clinical microscope’ !!!), they have made some important inventions in the field of ‘nanotechnology’. These include a super ‘nano chip’, which can do the sequencing of the entire ‘human genome’ in less than 2 hours with 99% accuracy at a cost of less than Rs. 3000 and a three dimensional nano-helical laser, which have potential uses in the analysis of the above mentioned ‘nano chip’ as well as in a new generation brain scanner. This new brain scanner costing 10 lakh rupees have the potential to replace the widely used MRI scanners (which costs 3 crore rupees). These doctors also claim that they have more than 100 patents (of 90 countries) to their credit and scientific areas like ‘nanobiophotonics’ and ‘nanobiomechanical system’ have been emerged based on their inventions. The new centre is supposed to nourish their research efforts in these areas.

What is the reality?

All these claims are their dreams, which don’t have any scientific research evidence. Either they are in ‘Fool’s Heaven’ regarding their claims or they are purposefully cheating the Media, Government and the Public of Kerala. A direct correspondence with them through e-mail revealed that they don’t have any published scientific articles or approved patents in this field. They have applied for few patents (5-6 not 100) in India (‘not in 90 countries’) last year and all of them are still pending for approval. Coming to their so called inventions like the ‘nano chip’ and ‘helical laser’, most of them are internet copied ideas only (not developed products), which they plan to experiment in their new ‘initiative’. I suspect that, they are yet to see a ‘nano chip’ or ‘sophisticated laser used in ultramodern detection systems’ in real life. If their claim of having such a super’ nano chip’ is real, they may be nominated for the next 'Noble Prize' !!! Any researcher working in this field can easily recognize the hollowness of their claims, as all these ideas are trivial and don’t have a scientific logic. As far as I know, nobody will issue any ‘patent’ for internet copied trivial ideas like this. The argument like ‘research areas such as nanobiophotonics emerged based on their inventions’ is good enough to launch a ‘laugh’ among the scientific world. Are they that stupid to make such a bogus claim ?!!! Furthermore, they have boasted in an interview to The Hindu that the focuss of the "Nanotech centre" will be be discovery of cheap precision drugs and vaccines. This is equally naive because most of the Indian Biotech and Pharma companies are not dare to invest in such finacially risky ventures owing to the stiff competition from Pharma giants in US and Europe.

What about publicity? (Scicence by Press Releases!)

Right now these young doctors are the new ‘celebrities’ in our media, as the scientists who made such important inventions within the constraints of age, facilities (as mentioned using a computer and small instruments such as a microscope) and support. The public relations department and YMCA recognized their talents in a public meeting at Trivandrum !!! Since the Government decided to go with their proposal and giving recognition in public meetings, the media believe that there is some content in these young brothers. As “nanotechnology’ is a rather new field, the number of available experts in this area are limited. And many scientists and professors who know the truth, are yet having the inertia of making public statements. As long as the scientific community keep silence on this issue and the government supports these ‘funny’ claims which aptly fall into the category of "science by press releases" (a term coined by Nobel Laureate John Shulston), we will be lucky to hear more stories on this celebrities !!!

What about tomorrow?

Of course one cannot go long with this type of baseless claims and arguments !!! Time will demonstrate the powerful 'truth' with its all faces and these celebrities have to bow their head then. I sincerely wish that the Government will do a rethinking on this project before wasting lot of Tax payers money.
What the Government should do?
1) The government has to check the 'scientific credibility' of these doctor brothers with the help of a scientific committee before proceeding with this trivial proposal. The public has the right to know whether they are genuine or not in their ideas and patent claims !!!
2) The 'nanotech centre' proposal should be re-evaluated with the help of experts in this field and the government has to make needed changes to their bogus ideas, before implementing the project.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Keralakaumudi finally woke up!!

Todays Keralakaumudi daily published Dr. Joshy Joseph's letter which he had sent them many weeks ago. Unfortunately, Malayala Manorama and The Hindu are still sleeping!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Nanogenesequencing: An Old Half Baked Potato!

Where did they get the idea of Nanogenesequencing?: An old half baked potato!

In 1998 , Eugene Chan a 23 year old smart Harvard Medical school MD student thought of an idea of fast genome sequencing technique based on single molecule DNA detection.
See the Scientific American articlepublished in 2002
From this report I quote the following lines:

1) "Chan reasoned that a single blood test could be fashioned to achieve the more tractable task of rapidly discerning the variations in a genome, whereas the long unchanging segments of DNA would go unread. "

2) "Borrowing from semiconductor manufacturing and the nascent field of nanotechnology, Chan conceived of placing miniaturized channels on a quartz chip. The DNA, propelled along by a fluid flow, would stream down the channel as if it were a film running through a movie projector. As the DNA moved along, a laser, positioned about halfway down the channel, would illuminate groups of base pairs tagged with a fluorescent dye. Like a bar-code reader, an optoelectronic device would determine which groups lit up and would thus mark genetic variations. To make the test widely available, Chan estimated that it should cost no more than a few hundred dollars."

Now you can see that Dr Duo simply lifted this idea in a different form!!!

Having convinced the scientific feasibility of his idea Chan dropped the medical school and approached famous Profs of MIT and Harvard with the plan to start a company. Importantly he could convince (more correctly they smelled money there) them about his plan. With their help of Chan and his brother (a management professional) could able to gather 7 million USD for their start up called USgenomics ( By 2001-2002 the company obtained two US patents. After that Chan became a hero (remeber Human Genome Project completed in 2002) and US media one after another ran stories on him.


But no product came out from his campany!! Investors got restless and brought Craig Ventor ( High level Businessman (Scientist?) of Celera) and former chief of Pelkin-Ermer Inc in the scientific board. Because of the tremendous pressure from inside and out side Chan was forced to leave the company. However, ha had made enough fortune for few generations . He went back to Harvard to resume his studies. If you look at the site of US genomics now, you wont even see his name!!!

After Chans departure US genomics changed its track from sequencing (may be wise) to only single molecule detection for which recently they came up with the an insrtrument (list price: $150,000) . I am sure Arun and Ajith have read Eugene Chans big ambition somewhere sometime ago. So they are trying to sell and achieve what the smart Harvad student failed to do even though he had huge backing from top Scientists of the world!! Also rember it was completely a private venture.


Letter to Kerala Chief Minister

Joshys letter to Manorama

Letter to The Hindu

Dear Mr. Nandakumar:
I have just finished reading the report you filed in Today's (Mar 7,2005), Trivandrum page of the Hindu dealing with the proposed centre for nanotechnology in TVM.(
I am sorry to say you that your report is highly misleading and filled with lots of scientific errors. I know it not your fault because you were writing what Drs told . However, as a trained scientist in the area, I am unconvinced by the claims made by the Drs Arun and Ajith about their accomplishments. After reading your report I even doubt their fundamental knowledge in the field. Before discussing the scientific errors and unrealistic "accomplishments" in your report, let me inform you that one my friend Dr. Joshy Joseph from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA exposed the scientific hollowness of the whole project and the credibility of the dr. duo. By repeated online correspondence with Dr. Joshy Jospeh, Dr. Arun and Dr. Ajith failed to defend their claims. Now Dr. Joshi has written to Chief Minister and various malayalam medias about this issue. The whole "Nano-Fraud" file prepared by Dr. Joshy Joseph is attached here with for your attention. I hope that will give you very clear idea of this new money wasting institute going to be established in our stateComing back to your report let me quickly list the scientific errors.

The comments for the quotes from your report is written in Italics.
1) "The unique technique that maps the DNA sequence of an individual enables the medical community to predict a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and coronary artery disease that an individual is likely to be afflicted with."

Even a school kind know the fact that HIV/AIDS is not a genetic diseases instead a viral disease. So it is hilarious to read that one can predict HIV with the so called mapping technique.

2) "The atomic precision of nanotechnology gives it an edge over biotechnology, especially in the medical field"

This is absolutely a wrong statement. This means that doctors even doesn't know there is a field called nano-biotechnology exists!!!

3) "Unlike DNA vaccines that teach the body to recognize proteins responsible for dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS, nana vaccines generate tailor-made cells that identify and destroy the hostile virus without giving it time to mutate."

This sentence reads like a science fiction dialogue

4) The doctor duo has secured patents for the Monogeneses chip and the three-dimensional Helical Nano Laser used in conjunction to scan the protein sequences and establish the horoscope.
As far I know they never obtained patent and they have applied to "Indian" Patent Office

5) A more mundane achievement is the development of an integrated Kehlescope to speed up ENT diagnosis. The kit combines the functions of a tongue depressor, a moving lens and a focused light powered by a battery pack to observe the inside of a patient's throat
This is an instrument commonly used by doctors in Europe and US.

Considering all this, I don't have any doubt that the whole programme is a hoax and suspect conspiracy behind the motives of Dr. duo . So I request you to investigate this issue further and bring up the truth behind this whole media gymnastics. You can consult your science correspondent N. Gopal Raj or Dr R. Ramachandran . We (me and Dr. Joshy ) will be happy to provide any support in this matter.

Joshys E-Mail Correspondence with Dr. duo

Given below Dr. Joshy Joseph’s correspondence with Drs. Ajith and Arun:
Message 1
From: Joshy Joseph
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 1:42 PM
Subject: Article on Nanotechnology

Hi Drs. Ajithkumar and Arunkumar:

I am Joshy working as a Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. I happened to see an article in 'Kerala Kaumudi' on Feb 20th authored by you, entitled: 'Nanotechnology-yude Vismayalokham'. From that article I came to know about the proposed 'Nano-Tech-Center' and the thoughts and brains behindthat project. I am really sorry to mention that this article contains some serious mistakes and misconcepts. I am attaching herewith a letter which I wrote to 'Kerala Kaumudi' Editor recently regarding this issue. So far I didn't get any reply from the editor. I just want to bring these mistakes to your attention. I am really curious about your research work in the area of 'Nano-bioinformatics'. Could you please send me the list of articles/patents published by you so that I can understand the topic well. I appreciate your efforts to write few lines in reply to this mail.


Reply to Message 1
From: "ajith arun" <>
To: "Joshy Joseph" <>
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 11:54 PM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Dear sir,

What you mentioned regarding the amino acids in terms of DNA bases is correct. We think it is in terms of translation because our Malayalam translation is done by others. Others concepts we think there will be contraversies, sir, but you will be knowing, without contraversies, nothing will happen. As you know Dr. Craig Venter of Celera Genomics, his proposal was first rejected by Dr. James Watson itself in the early 90's, but later he was the sole one for the human genomeproject. Moreover regarding NASA's mission to mars 2020, there are manycontraversies earlier, but now they decided to go ahead. Earlier in 1996, we are the first to wrote to Dr. Daniel Goldin, the then NASA administrator regarding ''nano medicine'' for mars 2020 mission. Now they put nanomedicine in their mars agenda. We also wrote a letter to ''George. W. Bush'' in 1999. He gave a personal reply to us appreciating the project. We had advices now with Dr.Mukherjee, Former Advisor/materials, VSSC/ISRO. Former colleague of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Honb'le President of india. We also had strong links with Foresight Institute, World Nano Forum, Asian Nano Forum. We had started research in nanotechnology in early 1992 [college students]. Of course sir, you know about 105 years back, we cant dream of a supersonic flight,until wright brothers invented it . So, ''nanotechno city'' concept is not a disaster .If so, then silicon valley will be a disaster in the early 90's. You know Mr. Bill Gates wrote to us in 1998, to contact Mr. Chris James , the then CTO of Microsoft for our project. Sir, it is not our dream in one day but we are in this area for the past 13-14 years. Yes it is the dream of Dr. Eric Drexler, Dr. Ralph Merkle, etc..etc............ Be a part of it.
Very truly ..
Dr. Arun Kumar & Dr. Ajithkumar

Message 2
From: "Joshy Joseph" <>
To: "ajith arun" <>
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2005 1:04 AM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Hi Drs. Ajith and Arun:
Thanks for the quick reply. It’s great to know about your efforts in the field of nanotechnology. I appreciate the spirit shown by you. I was really eager to know about the scientific side of your dreams and that is why I requested you to send the details of your patents and publications (on which you kept silence !!!). As a researcher I know how important speculations are, still I thought, writing on dreams like already achieved goals, is really confusing (at least to the general public). I mentioned other misconcepts which are not translating errors (still I don’t understand who will translate an English word such as 'DNA base' to another English word like 'amino acid'). I am not opposing your ideas or dreams, but still I think its the duty of a Researcher to caution (just to caution !!!), whensomebody propagates wrong information. I am not saying that these dreams wont become true in the future (am sure it will), but your arguments in that article gives really a wrong impression that the entire field (nano-bio-informatics) is rotating around your inventions. As a researcher working in the bio-field, I know the current status of research going on in the nano-biotechnology and bio-informatics and I was really wondering how I missed such an important invention (unfortunately even after reading that article, I could not find any reasonable article on your research other than some news on 'nanogenseq'). I would like to mention here that I am not at all against you in person, still the scientific ideas need to be clarified. I am just mentioning few points below (of course from the article) requesting some clarifications (if you don’t mind).
1) "Nanotechnology gives an inexpensive method to make gold, silver etc...." Do you still believe that this statement is correct? I guess that you people know how the properties vary with downsizing of the particle size !!!
2) "Nano gold is 100 times cheaper than pure gold" You know even the cheapest method to make nanogold won’t obey this economics... Rather you are getting some new material which is not related to the bulk metal (in terms of physical, !!!
3) You state in that article that a 'nanochip' can analyze the entire human genome in two hours with 99% accuracy (and you compared it with the HGP (Human Genome Project), which is again a wrong comparison which confuse the readers)...I wonder from where you got this statistics such as two hours and less than 3000 Rs !!! Did you ever imagine how this 'chip' can be materialized? I think you never did !!! Do you really understand, how important is the HGP, in materializing this dream !!! Its very simple to say that you can use a chip and analyze it with a nanohelical laser !!! I know there are some groups who could materialize the idea of 'gene chips' and this one may be 1000 or more times easier than the making of a nanochip which will analyze the entire Genome !!!
4) Do you still believe that the areas like nanobiophotonics,nano-bio-electro-mechanical system, holographic associative memory chip etc are developed from (based on) your inventions?5) Ever since we understood that the genetic information is stored in DNA, we know that we can predict the possible physical and behavioral properties of a living being if we know the genetic code (and of course we have to identify all the genes which express in these living beings)...I can just understand your 'genetic horoscope' as 'old wine in a new bottle'...Your arguments and ideas may be good enough to convince people who don’t know anything about the so called 'nanotechnology'. When you talk with scientific community you need more convincing data and ideas. I hope my mails will encourage you in getting to newer heights. I am sure you can do it well, but at least when you write something for public take little more care.
Best wishes for your future ventures.

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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Dear Drs. Ajith and Arun:

I didn't get any response for my last message. So can I believe that your arguments of having some patents (accepted and filed) on nanotechnology were just jokes !!! Or still you think you have some scientific support (of published articles / patents), kindly let me know...Now I am requesting for it for the third time.

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From: "ajith arun" <>
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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Dear sir,

We had filed more than 10 patents in india. We are now in the process of filing Usa & European patents. We are having the specific advices now from Dr. Mukhul Mukherjee, Former Advisor/materials, VSSC/ISRO. He is the ex colleague of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Honb'le President of India. And the life member: Indian Institute of Metals, Ultra-sonic Society of India, Cybernetic Society of India, Indian Institute of Welding, American Society of Mechanical Engineers etc.... He had his Ph. D from Max Plank Institute . Also was the consultant in Midwest Research Institute, USA in the sixties. He was one of the pionerr in Indian Space Research Organisation/ISRO. We are having hisadvices. Most probably he will be giving a lecture on 'Metals & Supermetals/Nano metals'' in Kalpakam Nuclear research center this month. Hope you will be understanding we are not joking. Moreover our project ''morphomatics'' is the only biomedical project short listed by ISRO to be flown in ISS [International Space Station]. Science is not a joke but a powerful tool to inplement once own visions/dreams as of Dr APJ Abdul Kalams dream ''India 2020''. Please don't have ego.....of course that's the curse for malayali's. Because we had been experiencing this for the past 10 years. We are mainly supported by North Indians and South Indians expect a few visionary malayalis and we are also encouraged by great scientists globally. Hope you will also be a part of our vision.. Don't just ignore a part of it.. As once the great Albert Einstein said ''If it would had beenwrong, I would be sorry to god''. Yes we are also saying ''If weare wrong we will be extremely sorry to god'' as this we had been telling in all our national and international TV and Newspaper interviews. Hope you understand it well than us.

Very sincerely,
Arun & Ajith.

Nb: We are not interested in publishing, but solely interested in filing national/international patents, as now is the era of intellectual property rights.

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Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Hi Drs. Ajith and Arun:

Thanks for your message. Your mails are really interesting to read. Iwonder how you get away from direct questions and talking bla bla about some big big things. You can talk this way to public (and media) to create an impression that you are doing some big big things. But when you talk about Science and Research to the scientific world, you have to be reasonable in your statements. I understand your reluctance in publishing things, but I just want to get an idea about your approved and applied patents (I hope I have the right to know since you announced that you have some patents, in a general article). So kindly send me the patent file nos or title of your patents (if some of them are really filed or approved). Also, I have asked for few very simple clarifications on your article which came on Kerala Kaumudi and you didn't address it. I am going to write an article in one of the leading Malayalam Newspapers pointing the errors in your KeralaKaumudi article and discussing the originality of your scientific claims (you can take it in any way, ego of malayalees or whatever it is...but I am concerned about the misleading ideas you published). I will wait one more week to hear from the Kerala Kaumudi editor and for giving a 'Correction Note' to your article. So if you wish, kindly send me your responses, to the quieries which I made in my second e-mail to you. I wish all success in your efforts...
1) Please don’t write to me about the big connections you have (which may again strengthen my ego !!!). Kindly give direct answers. I am already convinced about your great connections...
2) I know that you may interpret my mails in terms of Scientific ego...Show the spirit of a healthy scientific debate and answer my queries on your article. Also if possible give details of your patents. I am not worried about your greatness. Only worried about the wrong ideas which you tried to propagate


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From: "ajith arun" <>
To: "Joshy Joseph" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 9:35 AM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Dear sir,
These are some of the patents we had filed last year. We are now in the process of filing more patents. Moreover we are not creating an impression in the public, but the facts. We received many manyencouraging letters from top Malayali Scientists in USA & Europe, butunfortunately you are the only one to write this. We don't know why.....

Patents filed:
1. Kehlescope [patent file no: 241/che/2004]
2. Nanogeneseq chip [patent file no: 314/che/2004]
3. Helinaser 343/che/2004
4.Nanoflownoids 408/che/2004
5. Splashtec 423/che/2004
6. Nanocircadian pacemaker. 545/che/2004
7. Nanofibon sensor
8. Chameleophores.
We are filing more patents in the coming days. These are filed in India last year and we are in the process of filing in USA & Europe. Hope now you know we are not joking.......... Anyway , we will launch our ''nanotechocity'' in trivandrum veryvery soon.

Very sincerely,
Arun & Ajith

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Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 10:41 AM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology

Hi Drs. Arun and Ajith:

Thanks for your message. I am glad at last you gave some info on yourpatents. Could you tell me whether any of these patents are already approved by the Indian Patents Office? Or all of them are still in filing phase?
I will appreciate if you can send me your comments on my questions based on your article...(which I am again scribbling down)..
1) "Nanotechnology gives an inexpensive method to make gold, silver etc...." Do you still believe that this statement is correct? I guess that you people know how the properties vary with downsizing of the particle size !!!
2) "nano gold is 100 times cheaper than pure gold" You know even the cheapest method to make nanogold wont obey this economics... Rather you are getting some new material which is not related to the bulk metal (in gterms of physical, !!!
3) You state in that article that a 'nanochip' can analyze the entire human genome in two hours with 99% accuracy (and you compared it with the HGP, which is again a wrong comparison which confuse the readers)...I wonder from where you got this statistics such as two hours and less than 3000 Rs !!! Did you ever imagine how this 'chip' can be materialized? I think you never did !!! Do you really understand, how important is the HGP, in materializing this dream !!! Its very simple to say that you can use a chip and analyze it with a nanohelical laser !!! I know there are some groups who could materialize the idea of 'gene chips' and this one may be 1000 or moretimes easier than the making of a nanochip which will analyze the entire Genome !!!
4) Do you still believe that the areas like nanobiophotonics,nano-bio-electro-mechanical system, holographic associative memory chip etc are developed from (based on) your inventions?5) Ever since we understood that the genetic information is stored in DNA, we know that we can predict the possible physical and behavioral properties of a living being if we know the genetic code (and of course we have to identify all the genes which express in these living beings)...I can just understand your 'genetic horoscope' as 'old wine in a new bottle'...Your arguments and ideas may be good enough to convince people who dont know anything about the so called 'nanotechnology'. When you talk with scientific community you need more convincing data and ideas.
Best wishes for your efforts for 'NANOTECHNOCITY' and for getting US and European patents on your 'inventions'.

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Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 11:02 PM
Subject: DR ARUN & DR AJITH.

Dear sir,

Thanks for the reply. All our patents are in the patent pending phase, as we had already filed the patents more than a year ago. We had already started the process of filing USA PATENT with the help of one of the top patent attorneys in NEW YORK.

Very sincerely,
Arun & Ajith

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Subject: Re: DR ARUN & DR AJITH.

Dear Drs. Ajith and Arun:

Thanks. Still you don’t have replies to my queries on your article inKerala Kaumudi !!!!!!!! This is really pathetic !!!

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Sent: Monday, March 07, 2005 2:07 AM
Subject: Re: Article on Nanotechnology
Hi Drs. Ajith and Arun:
I have seen the reports published in 'Manorama Shree' and 'The Hindu'. I feel pity on you !!! How you can propagate wrong information without having supporting scientific data... I really was laughing to read that you have more than 100 patents (manorama article)...And its a great information to me that sending abstracts to International Conferences can be interpreted like this !!! There is something called 'Scientific Ethics'...Do you ever think about that?Time won't forgive you (even if GOD does)..
Best of luck..

I didn’t get any replies for my last two messages till today.

Media Publicity by Dr duo

Dr. Duo and Nanotech Centre


You may be aware of the proposed "NANOTECHCENTRE' at Trivandrum (a programme announced by UDF ministry under the 'Pravasi Keraliya karya vakuppu (NORKA)'), which will be materialized in the coming months. I am forwarding an article which appeared in 'Kerala Kaumudi' authored by two young doctors (who is behind the 'nanotechcenter' proposal). Unfortunately the article contains several mistakes (am also forwarding a letter which I sent to KeralaKaumudi editor pointing out these mistakes, but so far they haven't published any 'note' regarding this article).

As far as I could understand, these two medical doctors have no idea about the ongoing research in the field of Nanobiotechnology. Their knowledge about physics and chemistry (of course in a research level) is limited to the info getting through google search. I am really confused about their claims in the above mentioned article and about the future of the proposed 'nanotechcentre'. I feel that, if the govt proceed with this venture without proper discussions with the scientific community of kerala/india (who has practical knowledge and research experience in this field), this center will become a money wasting disaster.

Also I tried to contact these two Drs through e-mails, asking clarifications on their claims in this article. They couldn't defend any of the mistakes/misconcepts which I pointed out in my letter. In this article they claimed that they have several patents in this field and several other patents are under filing phase. I asked them to provide details on their publications/patents and they were so reluctant to answer these mails. After asking 3-4 times, they responded saying that: "We are not interested in publishing things. We are only patenting those things". In subsequent e-mail conversations they said that they have filed 5-6 patents in india (none of them are approved till today) and planning to submit those patents in US and European countries. I remember seeing in one of the websites that these drs claimed that their inventions are patented in 90 countries and so on...